Quick loans for small and medium businesses

Customers who register for the first time are entitled to 0% interest and fee incentives.

Good records can completely borrow hot up to 18 million

On Credit operates under the management of credit institutions, which have been recognized by law, customers can rest assured to use without worrying about fraud.

All information about the loan, interest rate, surcharges, etc. is publicly and transparently disclosed to the customer, only when the customer agrees to the loan will the unit proceed to approve the loan.

Lots of attractive offers such as lucky draw, promocode, bonus for referring friends….

Currently, On Credit is available on both Android and iOS operating systems, helping customers access loans quickly, conveniently and accurately.

Tien Oi . app

App Tienoi is also chosen by many customers to borrow money when in urgent need with the amount from 500 thousand to 10 million. Attractive interest rates make many people appreciate. In particular, the application has a lot of attractive promotions such as: lucky spin to receive 0%, vay nhanh online refer friends to participate and receive millions of money….

Advantages of borrowing money in Tamo

Loan period: 90 -180 days

Attractive interest rate: 0% interest rate for first time borrowers;

Disbursement time: 5-10 minutes

Support area: nationwide

The procedure is simple, just have a valid ID/CCCD

Online loan interest rate 1 million Tamo

Currently, Tamo applies a loan interest rate of 12% – 20%/year, a lower interest rate than many other online loan units. Besides, customers can request to extend the payment due date up to 30 days to avoid being late and losing more interest costs.

In order to maximize support for businesses that have the opportunity to maintain and develop, Sacombank deploys a quick loan package with low interest rates from only 8.5%/year.

Depending on the loan purpose and conditions of each individual/business, they can choose short, medium or long-term loan terms with a maximum amount of up to 5 billion VND.

Borrowers can use transportation or real estate as collateral for the loan, the loan limit will also be higher than the unsecured loan.


With high capital demand from small and medium enterprises, Techcombank deployed quick loan packages with attractive interest rates, providing safe and effective financial solutions for many business units.

ID/CCCD still valid

Passport or local certificate of temporary residence

The labor contract is still valid

Salary slip, salary slip or account statement for the last 3 months

Health Insurance

Electricity, water or internet bills for the last 3 months

Top banks for fast online loan approval



In addition to lending based on the salary received by the customer, the bank or financial institution lending depends on the customer’s loan history. If the customer has a good loan history, the limit will be higher. If the customer has bad debt, the loan will not be approved. However, when taking out a loan in this form, you need to make sure that you repay the loan on time.


Currently, there are quite a few quick online loan applications for 1 million, no collateral needed, just ID/CCCD. Each lending unit will have different policies and conditions, procedures and vay tiền nhanh online interest rates. Here are some quick 1 million loan units chosen by many consumers today.

Online ATMs

online atm loan

ATM online is also a company specializing in providing financial consulting services, supporting loans/pawns from 3 million to 10 million VND from reputable and reliable partners in the market. Based on technology, the online ATM app helps customers access short-term loans quickly with extremely favorable interest rates. With just a phone with an internet connection, anywhere in Vietnam, you can easily apply for a 6 million loan online from an online ATM.

You are between the ages of 20 and 60 years old, living in the provinces of Vietnam

Do you have a valid CCCD/ID card?

You have a stable income and no other bad debts

When you pay this loan, you can pay through many different channels such as:

If the customer is a Vietnamese citizen with a salary of 9 million, the maximum loan amount that the customer can enjoy when borrowing from a private financial institution is 40-70 million. This also depends on the policy of each bank or financial institution.

Top apps to lend 6 million times online

Quick loan of 6 million online is known as a convenient form of unsecured loan, you do not need collateral, nor do you need to prove your income, you can easily apply for a loan.

Age conditions

The age factor is very important to help lenders determine the borrower’s ability to be legally responsible for his or her conduct. Accordingly, the normal age level that is regulated by applications for loans will be from 18 to 60 years old.

Above are some instructions to borrow 1 million vay online quickly in a day, hoping to help you get a quick and safe financial solution. If you need more advice and support on fast loan packages, hot loans during the day, apply for a loan ON CAFEBANK – a comparison site for quick loans, unsecured loans, online pawns, credit cards, insurance. We will help you make the most informed, economical and reputable decisions.