Should Octobers’ Reputation As Disastrous Territory Affect Your E-Mini Trading Strategy?


The press launched its annual warning, and October is considered a dangerous month for e-commerce. They are pushing for the October 1987 market crash as a positive sign of impending doom. Yes, October 1987 Based on the October 1987 crash, financial ruin and economic devastation are calling for dramatic regularity. But, are these warnings based on fact or is the “news creation” figuratively doubtful? Linn Let’s take a look at history to evaluate October’s performance in the years after 1987 and relate it to issues related to e-commerce, especially day trading and e-mini design.

From the beginning, I believe that emergencies are not the most important variable in an e-commerce strategy. On the other hand, in October, the e-commerce strategy will be negligible and effective to avoid any risk. The discussion of Benoit Mandelbroth’s “market behavior,” and “long tail” events confirms that any dynamic constellation can lead to unexpected trading activity; Hundreds of variables with market value are difficult to analyze and navigate. Market failures unknowingly (or accurately translated) surprise economists and traders alike. Commodity and futures exchanges create higher volatility than the NYSE. , Anticipate further fluctuations in price volatility in CME and other futures exchanges.

Let’s take a look at the annual results in the Dow Index to see if October was a dangerous month for the market, with personal bias on the table. Here are some facts about the “Search Alpha” blog and the results from Dow Jones.

· Over the past five years, Doa has grown four years, not decreased

· In the last ten years, Doa has not lost six of its six years

· Over the past fifteen years, Dowa has grown eleven years, not decreased

In the last 15 years, Dow has grown by an average of 1.76% in October.

Source: Dow Jones and Felg Alpha Blog

It was only one year (2008) that saw the biggest drop in previous prices. That year, Dow received a 14.06% discount. I have identified that number as a result of the banking crisis, especially as previous data has shown that October is not a very dangerous month for e-commerce. The data confirms that October has not been a dangerous month for the last 15 years, or a statistically significant month.

In conclusion, October is not a challenging month to trade with other months of the year; Linn In fact, the data suggests that October could be a good month for e-commerce. Still, that October 1987 event seems to be a psychological obstacle for traders and seems to be forgotten. As always, good luck in your business …