Forex Robots and Physical Reality


The other day I had a question from someone who wanted me to put a link or advertisement for a business robot on my website. I was not interested, and I will tell you why.

The Forex market with humans

Who is driving the market in the given direction? People or computers (bots)?

The foreign exchange market generates billions of dollars every day. There are millions of merchants with accounts ranging from a few dollars to 100 million, each of which allows businesses to operate for them.

Although I can’t find any reliable statistics on the internet on how many robots traders use to make decisions for them, I guess it is probably less than 50%. The remaining 50% use the same trading software to help foreign traders make decisions, but they (the people) make the final decision, not the machine.

Artificial Intelligence (IA) has made rapid improvements over the past 10 years, and advances are accelerating. Advanced AI systems allow you to learn at a young age and adapt as the environment changes. These systems are designed to be traded at all levels and have had some success.

When measurements

I believe that because neural networks and algorithms are more sophisticated, many people use marketing robots to choose their thinking. But I believe robots must have more than 50% of all currency traded by modern robots with human intervention in order to have a significant impact on the forex market. At present (2014) I do not believe that robots dominate the foreign exchange market, but they are being used more and more. According to a recent article in one of the major financial news networks, the use of automated trading systems by large banks is about 65%. This is due to the fact that price fraud is to reduce the illegal activities of domestic traders. If this is true, then we have a situation where prices can fluctuate dramatically, for little or no reason and people’s emotions are not so great. Conversely, if we know most of the algorithms used by large banks, then we can better predict price movements.

My opinion

If there is a higher percentage of the world’s currency traded by robots, then there may be more secure trading methods using robotic systems. It is interesting to note that all of these computer algorithms or AES (professional consultants) that are being used by the banking system are developed using the methods of professional human traders. The main difference between a human trader and a computer program is the inability to adapt to changing market conditions. Existing supercomputers and advanced neural networks cannot transmit. Biological systems show emotions and the machine never fails. Non-biological computers may not enjoy lucrative business, and marginal calls may not suffer. They may not feel fearful or greedy, so their actions do not take these feelings into account; Nor can you predict these emotional responses with 100% accuracy. Although the largest percentage of trades are using these forex robots, the expert traders are still under control and often go out of business if they see the Fox system doing something they do not want.

That’s why I don’t use forks robots or software or algorithms to help me in my business. Instead, I take a biological, artistic, ethical approach to marketing based on observation of data analysis, emotions, and other factors. Learned estimation.